At MAP Investments, we provide Real Estate solutions and services to Individuals and Families that want to quickly sell their homes. 


We partner with our clients by listening with Empathy, Fairness and Integrity, all while guaranteeing due diligence to get homes sold at the right price. 

Our core concern is making sure our homeowners come out on top and to keep striving without missing a beat.  


We are at our best when homeowners have exhausted all of their resources and simply need to get their properties sold and still receive a return.  At MAP Investments, we pride ourselves on the ability to reach closure within a short period of time. We are direct buyers and have a vast network of strategic resources who are always in the market looking to buy properties. 


We want to take steps with you and guide you through the beginning of the selling cycle all the way to the closing process.  With our services, a home seller saves thousands by selling their property with no commission or hidden fees.


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